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The Magic Flute

This is a Spanish adaptation for children of Mozart's famous opera "Die Zauberflöte" (The Magic Flute) whose premiere took place in Vienna in 1791. Tamino, a young prince, falls into the clutches of the evil Queen of the Night, who persuades him to go in search of her daughter Pamina, helped by Papageno the young hunter of royal birds. To help Tamino, the Queen of the Night gives him a valuable object: The Magic Flute.

Pamina is being held in the domain of her father King Sarastro, and is guarded by his servant, Monostatos, who claims to love her. Sarastro discovers that Monostratos is ill treating her decides to ban her from his kingdom. Tamino falls in love with the princess and asks King Sarastro for her hand in marriage, this he grants on the condition that Tamino passes three tests. With the help of Papageno and his ingenuity, Tamino passess the tests thus obtaining the grace of the Monarch who showing him his error, makes him understand that the Queen of the Night is wicked, and that the reason he kept Pamina in his palace was only to protect her from the Quenn.For his help, Papageno finds divine luck in meeting a Papagena with whom to share his life. Sarastro, for his part is able at last, to defeat the wicked Queen of the Night. Therefore proving that good always wins over evil and light over darkness.

Location: Teatro Principal de Palma
From 8€ to 60€
April 17th at 20,30 pm / April 19th at 20,30 pm / 21st April at 18.00 pm

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