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The Marco Polo brings to Mallorca 700 English tourists

The Soviet ship, originally known as Alexandr Pushkin, is sailing the sea since 1965. It is one of five boats of the Ivan Franko series ordered by the Soviet Union to East German shipyards with the Cold War as a backdrop and named with famous Russian writers. Ready to sail the colder seas this huge ocean liner came to Palma for the first time in 1980, although it was more used to do the regular line between Leningrad and Montreal or Leningrad-London-New York.

After adopting the exclusive role of Cruise in the Pacific, in the nineties was remodeled and named Marco Polo, which today continues to delight the most nostalgic cruise lovers. Among them, about 700 British tourists who visited last week the city of Palma during the arrival of the classic ship in Mallorca.

© Photo: Manuel R. Aguilera

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