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The Moscow Ballet performs Swan Lake

On Saturday 4th of May the Moscow Ballet returns once again to the Auditorium of Palma to interpret Swan Lake. This is one of the essential ballets by Tchaikovsky, sometimes defined as refined and elegant. Swan Lake, composed in 1875, explains the search by the Prince Siegfried of a beautiful woman from a group of young people who are getting out the lake as swans. He falls in love with Odette, a young woman who was transformed into a swan by the evil magician Rothbart through a spell that only returns her to human form at night.

At a party at the castle in which the Prince has to choose a wife, the magician Rothbart appears with his daughter Odile. The Prince thinks Odile is in fact Odette, so swears eternal love to her. When he is aware of the mistake he has made, the prince goes to the lake and, after a struggle in vain against the vile wizard, the Prince and Odette commit suicide.

The Moscow Ballet is one of the largest companies in Russia, founded by Timur Fayziev in 1989. For over 20 years, the Moscow Ballet has toured in Japan, England, Ireland, Germany and Spain, among other countries.

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