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The ‘patios’ of Palma, an icon of social status

The properties in the Old City of Palma are one of the main values of the real estate agency Dost & Co., due to its architectural and historical value, boosted by the recent impulse of the emblematic patios of Palma, which reopened after three years without receiving visits. The historian Gaspar Valero is driving this initiative that aims to spread that World Heritage Site and one of the greatest icons of the city of Palma. The origin of these “patios” can be found on the 14th century, with the arrival of the Gothic to Mallorca, and ends between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, when much of the manor houses of the Old City were rebuilt following the Renaissance and Baroque style, that prevalented at the time. In its heyday was a symbol of power and social status to the nobility and the merchants.

Recently they have become institutional buildings, museums or residential housing, as this property offered for sale by the estate agency Dost & Co., an attic of the sixteenth century located in the heart of the Old City and with entry through one of these iconic courtyards characterized by light, stairways, well and arcades of Renaissance influence. This penthouse also has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a rooftop terrace overlooking the cathedral of Palma. And combines its modern interior with that symbolic courtyard, whose historical value can still be felt.

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