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Towers and skyscrapers from Babel to Dubai

The museum CaixaForum in Palma hosts until next 26th of May the exhibition Towers and skyscrapers. From Babel to Dubai, a journey through the history of the construction of towers and skyscrapers, based on the myth of the Tower of Babel. This building defied the laws of nature and the divine power and was a source of inspiration for artists and for the skyscrapers designed in the twentieth century.

The exhibition deals since the creation of the myth of the Tower of Babel to the appearance of the first skyscraper in 1850 in the United States. The skyscraper is an icon of modernity, a response to the lack of space in big cities. The nearly 200 works, including paintings, prints, drawings, models, photographs and films that compond this exhibition aim to reflect the diversity of architectures that over time have tried to overcome any limit in search of the inaccessible.

© Photo: Du Zhenjun.The wind. Photomontage, 2010. CLF Collection, Paris

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