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'Truth's vision', a musical comedy in English in Ibiza

The Teatro España in Santa Eulalia (Ibiza) hosted yesterday the English musical comedy Truth's vision. Work, love and I, that will also be performed tomorrow at 8 pm in the restaurant Chimichurri, located in the road of Cala Conta. Produced by Hatstand Productions, actresses Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper, friends since childhood, arrived in Ibiza from London.

The two actresses play the same woman, Grace, who has a positive and idealistic face, but as well a pessimistic and pragmatic face. The play captures the inner struggle of a complex woman through her vision of universal topics like love or work, with the priceless performance of two well-known British actresses who have worked as well for various BBC projects.

© Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper. Hatstand Productions.

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