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‘Walking on faces’ from Bernardí Roig

The multidisciplinary work Walking on faces of Bernardi Roig can be visited at the premises of the Lonja of Palma until November.

In early spring, the assistance of 1.700 adult volunteers was requested to carry out this project developed by artist Bernardi Roig. 1.870 people turned up. Their faces were photographed while imitating one of the three facial expressions proposals, all with their eyes closed. The images obtained during these four photo sessions cover now completely the floor of La Lonja. They have been printed on slabs of wood and have the artist's signature on the back. When the exposure ends, all those who lent his face for this project will receive the part in which their own face has been reproduced.

It is a combative and reflective work. On one hand, this work wants to approximate the identity of the public space to the individual and on the other hand suggests a reflection about the status of the image, likeness, loneliness, face and its various expressions.

Source: Govern de les Illes Balears

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