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Es Baluard host as current every year the global event Wallpeople, in this case with the motto "Music Edition". On June 1, 2013, anonymous citizens will become protagonist artists, with their works, at outdoor galleries all around the world. The street art movement Wallpeople wants people to speak freely and share their creativity with others at street level.

Attendees will participate in two ways:  reinterpreting a song in the art form they choose: illustration, photography, text, painting, collage, fabric, etc. or creating any work related to music in general. Wallpeople is a collaborative art project born in Barcelona that aims to foster the creativity of people and claim public space as a expression media.

The project began in 2009 and has become a global movement. More than 7,000 people from 30 different cities were involved in it through its last edition.

Everyone can participate. Go to the specified place and time in your city with one or more works created by you. Stick them on the wall next to the other works. Organizers mark the beginning and end of the event (approximately 3-4 hours). After the exhibition period you can withdraw your work or take the other participants'.

Saturday June 1 at 5 pm. Es Baluard.

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