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Kai Dost

Dost & Co. is the result of a thorough analysis of the Balearic property market by businessman Kai Dost.

As a young man, Kai Dost trained with the Olympic team of the German Sailing Federation in Mallorca. He was successful and in 1985 and in 1992, together with his brother, he won the preolympic “Trofeo Princesa Sofía” in the boat classes 420 and 470 to competitive international teams. “Mallorca has always brought me good luck”, says Kai Dost.

Captivated by the landscape, the climate and the wealth of opportunities to grow professionally, businessman Kai Dost from Hamburg decided to settle in Mallorca in 1991. Since then he has chalked up successes not only in the light sailing-boat and cruiser races in which he usually competes, but also in the Balearic property sector, which he entered just three years after landing on the island.

Experience in real estate in Majorca

Since 1994, Dost has implemented, in well-known Balearic estate agents, some of the most forward-looking systems of working, making accurate calculations of market trends with the aim of maximizing productivity, training employees and was instrumental in the growth of those companies.

His training in Business Management at IE Business School has also helped strengthen his leadership ability, without diminishing his perseverance in keeping his team motivated and continuously improving. In addition to his many years of experience it gave him the necessary knowledge to set up his own Real Estate agency in Ibiza and in Mallorca. Acting as a fully-fledged leader.

Doing this, Kai Dost always had the focus on not setting up a network of franchises, because he wanted his company to take the full responsibility for the acts of his employees and he did not want to hide behind a structure of small enterprises so as not to take the responsibility.

With this goal in mind, he searched for experienced specialists who could lead sales areas with the same motivation and in a responsible and professional way. These specialists are not only presiding each office in their sales area, but are also directly and significantly involved in Dost & Co.

Specialized in properties in Majorca and Ibiza

Kai Dost thinks it to be unlikely that the company Dost & Co. will expand beyond the borders of Mallorca and Ibiza with exception to Menorca: “We are strongly specialized on outstanding properties in Mallorca and Ibiza. Believing that this knowledge can be applied to other geographical locations would be a mistake.” Kai Dost, aware of the importance of honesty and transparent dealings to achieve any goal, has built his new property project on those principals. Thanks to this alignment Dost & Co. has, in the meantime, achieved a solid and well-respected reputation in the Real Estate market of the Balearic Islands. The basic principles of the company are to continuously work on the optimization of service, as well as the further development and motivation of its employees.


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