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At request of the specialised press, Dost & Co. publishes reports on recent developments of the real estate market in Ibiza and Mallorca and can provide opinions on comparisons to the Spanish and European real estate market. Please have a look at previously published articles by clicking the following link.

At your request, we can provide you with information about the price range within which the market is moving, the latest trends and forecasts, a comparative study of the values of properties in Ibiza and Majorca measured against other places, and any other documentation you may desire. All this information will be based on a thorough analysis of supply and demand. This includes the latest trends and prognoses and analysing the values of apartments, fincas, penthouses and villas for sale in Mallorca and Ibiza compared to other places as well as any additional information you wish.

This highly important task of our employees requires lots of experience and continuous training. Therefore we only employ skilled personnel in the intermediation of villas, fincas and apartments in Majorca and Ibiza with extensive professional and life experience with properties in Mallorca and Ibiza and they continuously share information, like it is only possible in a company which has no franchise structure, but is led by the owner.

Generally we may speak of a total market regarding the real estate in Mallorca and Ibiza, which develops itself in a great measure independently from the Spanish real estate market. To fully understand this, we must distinguish two market segments: the first and second residence market, i.e., residential and holiday homes.

The market of the first home residence depends mainly on the Balearic economy, which is in turn determined by the international tourism. The export of leather goods, groceries, and other local products exceeds by far the national trade, what justifies the decoupling of economic trends in the Iberian Peninsula.

Second home market in Mallorca and Ibiza

The second home market in the Balearic Islands is determined mainly by non-Spaniards. The international owners clearly predominate this market. Germans and Britons are the main groups with approximately a 25% of ownership. A approximate 30% is set to Scandinavians, Swiss, Central and East Europeans, as well as Americans while about a 20% of holiday homes are in Spanish ownership.

The four inhabited islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera are also politically relatively independent based on the Spanish Government system, the "Comunidades Autónomas", something in the kind of free states. This high stability of the local property market compared to Marbella, the Costa Brava or the coastal region between Valencia and Murcia has repeated throughout in the different economic cycles of the past 40 years and has even been demonstrated.

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