About us


Dost & Co. is an estate agent which takes care to offer a home of character to the most demanding clients, but also to provide quality of life in an environment wonderfully endowed by nature.

A new concept in estate agents

Under the slogan “Less is more” coined by German architect Mies van der Rohe, Dost & Co. has developed a new concept in estate agents who believe firmly in simplifying the system of working so that each broking of properties in Majorca and Ibiza leads to a successful finish. Short channels, direct contact to the boards of deciders, quick but well considered decisions, awards for ideas, commitment and incentive - these are our guidelines.
The value of the best team
The team of people who make up Dost & Co. is characterized by the fact that they put their whole selves into their jobs and are resolutely determined to do a little better each day. Dost & Co. employs in Ibiza and Majorca only sales agents with great experience achieved in highly respected real estate agencies in Majorca and Ibiza and keep on training them. Know how, common sense, seriousness, discretion and reliability are proven characteristics of our employees.
The value of the best service
With the aim of simplifying the system of working and providing a service of exquisite quality, each salesperson has very few properties in his or her portfolio, so that he or she can guarantee a comprehensive knowledge of each apartment, finca, villa or building plot. Thus the sales agent is able to give detailed advice and information to the proprietors of these real estates. However, that means that the portfolio of properties for sale at Dost & Co. is limited and we can only accept the best offers.

The value of the best properties

Each and every one of the properties for sale in Ibiza and Mallorca on Dost & Co.’s books has added value, irrespective of its price or features. The search for homes with a personality of their own, a special character and unique features has become Dost & Co.’s leitmotif. Dost & Co. exclusively offer real estates, which are especially attractive as a second residence or holiday estate.

The value of personalised service

Our clients as buyers might be our future clients as sellers and we attend them like this. Our business relations are considered to be long-term projects, which means that we commit ourselves to act and behave honestly and uprightly.

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