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Ibiza pleasantly surprises everybody who thinks of Ibiza as a mere party-island for the young and the young at hearts. Originally, Ibiza used to be a dozy island in the Mediterranean, always standing in the shadow of the “bigger brother” Majorca.

During the 50s the beatniks discovered the island and in summer the Rothschild’s yacht anchored in the picturesque bay of San Antonios, showing only one little hotel in these times. The 60s came and with them more dropouts and finally the hippies populating Ibiza and Formentera. The easy going and friendly atmosphere still lives in the markets of the fancy villages and many little shops in the historical centre of Ibiza. Parallel to this development, a quite exclusive type of tourism came up. Ibiza is worldwide famous for exciting visits of sport celebrities, actors, artists and business-tycoons. All of them enjoy the island in perfect harmony with the local people and the hippies, not by avoiding each other, but by living up a symbiotic interrelation of different philosophies of life.

Nevertheless, there is a considerable group of regular visitors and in habitants of the white island Ibiza. Probably you belong to them: enthusiastic people, who want to enjoy life authentically and to decide independently whether to take centre stage or to hide away in discretion. It absolutely does not matter, to which kind of group you belong or not. Totally relax and a life of high impact – in Ibiza both is possible and you can choose either absolute anonymity or the spotlights. The People there are different, because they want to have all these possibilities, provided with an individually created property of their own in Ibiza. And we help you to achieve exactly this. With our experience, reliance, confidentiality and security.

We will help you find the perfect house in Ibiza

How should our client start his property purchase in Ibiza? The first decision to take is where and how he likes to live best. The choice of estates in Ibiza offers an ample variety of apartments, town houses, fincas and villas. The line-up ranges from an ultramodern designer villa or the small original Phoenician style finca to the luxury apartment in the elegant marinas of Ibiza. There is no limit in variety of real estates in Ibiza, neither in design, colour and size nor in price-category, always corresponding to the multicultural bustle in this island. The decision is hard to take as some criteria which are important for a holiday home and do not matter in the first residence market and vice versa. In Ibiza it is much more vital to be aware of the possibilities of environment and infrastructure, then the property itself.

Buying houses in Ibiza: we find the property that fits your needs

We help you through this stage of orientation. Our team in Ibiza is at your disposal to consult you in the forefront of the property search as such. The sales agents at Dost & Co. are living in Ibiza or Majorca for many years and are happy to share their great experience with you. Dost & Co. is a real estate agency in Ibiza and has five more real estate offices in Majorca. Dost & Co. has a special philosophy: We select previously the properties in Ibiza and estates in Majorca evaluating their recoverability in the market of second residences. We only offer villas in Ibiza and apartments in Ibiza, which have something special. We are specialized in properties, which transport the Mediterranean lifestyle in the Balearic Islands and, at the same time, are in line with the market.

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