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Our main aim is to find a property for sale in Majorca or Ibiza that's just right for you, so as to help you make the most of the Mediterranean lifestyle and the wonderful natural environment of the Balearic Islands. Thereby the steps we take with you should be just specific, informative, comfortable and secure.

Property for sale in Mallorca and Ibiza. What do we offer you?

Purchase of properties<br>

Unique properties. All family homes, country houses, apartments, plots or villas in Majorca and Ibiza that we offer have an added value, something special, irrespective of their asking price. For us it is not important the large number of properties on the market in Ibiza and Mallorca, but rather its fair market price, quality and above all a high value. We don’t only want the best property offers, but also in first place we want to transmit lifestyle.

Personal assistance. Our salespersons’ wide experience in the property sector, along with the fact that they speak several languages, add up to an exquisite standard of service. Only one comercial will assist you over our entire sales area in Mallorca and Ibiza. So we can respect all your wishes and provide confidentiality. On top of that, each of the Dost & Co. sales agents has been living in Mallorca or Ibiza since many years, so that their knowledge is not only limited on the mediation of properties.

Honesty. This is one of Dost & Co.'s fundamental principles, because for us it’s just as important to us that you should trust us, as it is to offer you a unique home. Each of our employees has shown us over the years that they are reliable. Our aim is not only to sell our client a property in Ibiza or Majorca, we especially want to be recommended by you and make business in the future with you, as friends, colleagues or neighbours.

Dost & Co. acompanies you, before, during and long after the acquisition. We prepare contracts, organize all administrative matters for you and assist you in all matters that are more or less combined with the real estate acquisition and possession.

Tax and legal information of buying and selling properties in Mallorca and Ibiza

Our comercial agents inform you professionally on fundamental aspects and refer you to specialists if necessary. In exceptional cases, you should not trust in supposed experts who are brokers, accountants and lawyers at once. The surprises can be bad, because the laws change faster than their level of expertise and the responsibility is not always given.

If you want us to guide you in your search for a home that suits your needs, you can contact us directly at our offices, call (+34) 971 60 99 89, or fill in the following form.

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